K-pop stars decorate the Dubai Expo

  Starting with ‘World Star’ Psy, Stray Kids, Sunmi, Chungha, (G)I-DLE, Golden Child, Forestella, etc. who are active on the world stage, show off the...

Golden Child Jang-Jun Lee x Seung-Min Bae, ‘Special Girl’ unit cover video released

The unit cover videos of Golden Child Jang-jun Lee and Seung-min Bae were released.On the 12th, Woollim Entertainment released the cover videos of Golden...

Golden Child reveals warm photo taken with Yunho

Group Golden Child Bae Seung-min and Kim Dong-hyun released a warm shot with Yunho(U-KNOW).On the 30th, Golden Child posted a picture with Yunho on...

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Dazzling, IVE.