ENHYPEN, Debut D-1. #Big Hit #Global fandom

ENHYPEN is a member of BELIFT LAB, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment, a boy band consisting of seven multinational members, including Jung Won, Hee-seung, Jay, Jake, Sung-hoon, Sun-woo and Nicky. As the final surviving members of the global idol project “I-LAND,” the seven boys, who finished their long journey and stood on a new boundary of debut, boldly threw their hats at the throne. ENHYPEN’s debut album ‘BORDER: DAY ONE’ tells the story of seven members who are finally moving toward the first day of the new world, and the agony and complex feelings they face at the border between the two conflicting worlds. As ENHYPEN is a group that eventually achieved its dream of debut after carrying out numerous missions in I-LAND, the title song “Given-Taken”, which is now a reality, has drawn curiosity from the members. From a preparatory student to an artist to a team called ENHYPEN from an individual to a team called ENHYPEN sings the complex emotions that N-hyphen feels right now, moving beyond the boundaries between the two worlds to a new world. Fans from all over the world participated in “I-LAND,” which was selected as seven members of ENHYPEN, and the prelude to a true “global fan-made group” was raised. As the debut member was selected by the choice of global fans, ENHYPEN has been actively communicating with fans around the world since it opened its official SNS channel on September 19.
Big Hit Entertainment’s unique artist production ability, which is put on the “News of the Year” for each debut group, is also an expectation point. ENHYPEN’s debut album was also created with the participation of a group of big hit super producers, including Wonderkid, producer Bang Si-hyuk and FRANTS. Meanwhile, ENHYPEN will release his debut album “BORDER: DAY ONE” worldwide on the 30th. On the same day, “ENHYPEN DEBUT SHOW: DAY ONE” will be broadcast on Mnet at 8 p.m., and the program will also be available on YouTube Mnet K-POP, Big Hit Label Channel, Japan’s Abema and Mnet Japan.



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