“From whole team to Unit and Solo”..SEVENTEEN, K-Pop representative All-rounder’s full activity


The group SEVENTEEN is showing off their ‘K-Pop All-Rounder’ and coloring 2021 as the ‘YEAR OF SEVENTEEN’. 
SEVENTEEN is attracting more attention because it is actively working as a ‘K-Pop representative all-rounder’ in various fields, including solo and unit activities as well as various fields such as entertainment programs and musicals. The first member to show global enthusiasm this year is Jun, who released his Chinese solo digital single ‘Silent Boarding Gate’ after about two years and two months in February, and topped the overseas iTunes song charts and China’s QQ Music’s popular charts. 
As an artist, he showed his growth one step further. In particular, Hoshi completed a one-of-a-kind piece of work with unimaginable directing, structured composition, and performance that breaks the typical mold, like the leader of Seventeen’s performance team and a ‘trend performer’. For the long-awaited global fans, he released two versions in Korean and Chinese, participated in writing lyrics and composing directly, as well as challenging acting through music videos, proving his global influence once again by receiving the attention of foreign media. 
Through various promotions and music videos reminiscent of a movie, they solved the dilemma of ‘between love and friendship’ and presented a reversal charm, proving the powerful power of ‘universal combination’ Wonwoo and Mingyu. Seventeen’s activities were not only in music, but also in various fields. 
SEVENTEEN, who has been active in various fields and showing no rest, confirmed their high-speed comeback after 4 months in mid-October, heralding their return with more expanded music and performances.


Source: www.osen.co.kr


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