Hyuna → Chungha → Sunmi, the long-awaited ‘Dancing Queen’ battle

Representative solo female singers Hyuna, Chungha, and SUNMI are releasing new songs one after another and completing the ‘Dancing Queen’ comeback match.

Hyuna made a comeback with her new song ‘I’m Not Cool’ after a year and two months, and heated up online and offline. Various costume concepts and hairstyles that vary from stage to stage also add to the fun of viewing, and each music broadcast stage video recorded the highest number of views on the day it was aired. Through TikTok, the ‘I’m Not Cool’ challenge emerged, and popular YouTubers joined. Its music video exceeded 20 million views, and QQ Music, China’s largest music platform, is maintaining a remarkable record by winning triple gold and platinum certification with high sales volume. Hyuna, who recently celebrated its 14th anniversary, said, “Thank you for always supporting me and loving me.”

Chungha has been working hard to release her first full album that took 10 months after the release of the pre-release song ‘Stay Tonight’ in April of last year. The ablbum name ‘Querencia’ was decided by Chungha. Chungha said, “For the first time, my album is finally released. Finally, the full album is released, and in fact, I feel like I am debuting now.” Chungha’s unique story is melted through a variety of musical trials and concepts by categorizing into four sides, such as ‘NOBLE ‘, ‘SAVAGE’, ‘UNKNOWN’, and ‘PLEASURES’. The title song “Bicycle” is a song of R&B pop and trap sounds developed with the introduction of a strong fuzz guitar. 

SUNMI, who debuted as Wonder Girls and celebrated her 14th anniversary this year, expressed gratitude to the fans who sent support through letters. Sumi said, “There were so many moments that I was sorry for 14 years, but there were Miyane (SUNMI fandom) and Wonderful (Wonder Girls fandom) who always believed in me and walked with me at my pace, so I was able to walk this far. Whenever I wanted to give up, I was able to get up because of you.” SUNMI, who gained popularity with ‘When We Disco’ with Jin-Young Park last year, and played an active part in JTBC’s ‘Sing Again’ panel, now focuses on her main job as a singer with her own record. The new album ‘Tail’ coming out on the 23rd is a comeback in about eight months after ‘pporappippam’ released in June last year.  SUNMI improved the musical perfection by participating in the lyrics and composition of the new album track.
Title song ‘TAIL’ collaborated with composer FRANTS who worked with ‘Siren’, ‘LALALAY’, and ‘pporappippam’.

Source: isplus.live.joins.com


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