Jong Shin Yoon’s new girl group ‘Billlie’ makes a strong start with IU team’s supports


In addition to a unique worldview, attention is focused on the path to be created by six girls with high-level vocal, rap, and dance skills.

On the afternoon of the 10th, a showcase to commemorate the release of Billlie’s first mini album ‘The Billage of Perception: Chapter One’ was broadcast live online. 

Billlie is a global idol group produced through Mystic Incubation Camp, Mystic Story’s unique artist incubation system. 

In Billlie’s worldview, the number ’11’ has an important meaning. Moon Soo-ah said, “11 is the number of the beginning of the end of the day, and it has a meaning for Billy to start, and it also contains the meaning of comforting the inner side of many people.” It was before the music broadcast, so 11 is a number that can remind you of Billy.” 

In the process of producing a song, lyricist Kim Ina, composer Lee Min-soo, CEO Jo Young-cheol, and music video director Hwang Su-ah, the so-called ‘IU Team’, come to the fore and draw attention. 

Billlie said, “Composer Lee Min-soo told us to ‘record with confidence’, and if we were nervous, he relaxed us while talking, so we recorded happily.” 

Here, One Million Dance Studio choreographer Lia Kim collaborated to create a performance, and Moon Soo-ah and Si-yoon directly participated in the rap making. 

Siyun said, “PD Yoon Jong-shin told us not to lose our passion and original intention and to work hard.”

Moon Soo-ah said, “Senior Kim Young-cheol told me to study the language a lot and read a lot of books. “

Haram said, “It seems that only the members who are full of individuality came together to create a unique color.”

Suhyeon said, “Performance is also essential. Before our official debut, we released a choreography video made with many choreographers at One Million Dance Studio, including Lia Kim, and the response was good.”

Moon Soo-ah called Moonbin a ‘Sunbae’ and said, “He usually gives a lot of advice, and he’s a warm older brother. He couldn’t hear it in person, but he saw the performance video and gave me an advice saying, ‘I wish you could show you a little more detail’.” 

Billlie’s first goal is to impress the public with the group name Billlie. They said, “We want to make Billy’s name known to many people and show many people the stage we have prepared so far.”

Meanwhile, Billlie’s debut album ‘The Village of Perception: Chapter One’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the same day.




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