NewJeans Achieves Explosive Response with Pop-Up Store…

NewJeans’ Pop-Up Store opens with a Parade, Accumulates 100,000 Visitors

K-pop sensation NewJeans has not only taken the music industry by storm but also achieved remarkable success with their pop-up stores as part of their second mini-album promotion, “Get Up.” Collaborating with global brands like Spotify and IPX (formerly LINE FRIENDS), NewJeans managed to attract over 100,000 visitors to their pop-up stores. These stores were celebrated for their unique design, offering a distinct ambiance that reflected the group’s identity, coupled with an array of entertainment options and official merchandise that catered to fans’ desires.

The popularity of the pop-up stores was undeniable, with Line Friends locations in Hongdae and Gangnam drawing approximately 55,000 visitors. The enthusiastic “Open Run” lineups began forming the night before, with the first day seeing the maximum daily entry limit reached within just an hour. Diverse audiences, including families with children and international fans, flocked to the stores to capture special moments in various photo zones and immerse themselves in the NewJeans experience.

Furthermore, NewJeans’ collaboration with Spotify for a pop-up store also proved to be a huge hit, with around 27,000 visitors at the “Bunny Land” pop-up store in Seoul. This immersive experience featured a wide range of entertainment, from retro arcade games to spaces where fans could enjoy NewJeans’ music freely. The success continued with the “Bunny Land” pop-up store in Jakarta, Indonesia, which saw approximately 20,000 visitors. The group’s performance at the U.S. “Lollapalooza Chicago” drew over 5,000 fans and marked a historic moment as NewJeans became the first K-pop girl group to perform at the event, solidifying their explosive popularity.


More news about NewJeans:

NewJeans, PSY, and ATEEZ are coming to NY MetLife Stadium this coming October! The long-awaited ticket sales start on 9/18! : NewJeans, Psy, and ATEEZ are set to take the stage at New York’s MetLife Stadium this October, and the highly anticipated ticket sales are scheduled to begin on September 18th, marking a significant event for K-pop fans in the United States.

NewJeans, ‘Inkigayo’ 1st place, last music broadcast stage decoration “We are happy” : NewJeans secures the top spot on “Inkigayo” with their latest release, celebrating their first-place win with a joyful stage decoration, showing their happiness and gratitude for their success on the music broadcast.

“UK, can’t replicate the style and success of K-pop girl groups… It means there is something special”: A commentary on the unique style and success of K-pop girl groups, highlighting the special qualities that set them apart from other music scenes, particularly focusing on the UK’s inability to replicate their style and achievements.

NewJeans “US’ Billboard 200 No. 1, unrealistic… Singing together with audience at Lollapalooza gives goosebumps”: NewJeans attains the No. 1 position on the US Billboard 200 chart, and their unforgettable performance at “Lollapalooza” with the audience singing along creates goosebumps for fans.

NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’ and ‘ETA’ ranked 1st and 2nd on major music charts in Korea: NewJeans, Super Shy, and ETA achieve top rankings on major music charts in Korea, demonstrating their continued popularity and success in the Korean music industry.


  1. […] New Jeans’ pop-up store has ignited a frenzy of excitement with its explosive response. The K-pop group’s dedicated fan base has flocked to the store to grab exclusive merchandise and immerse themselves in the New Jeans experience. The successful pop-up store reflects the group’s strong connection with fans and showcases their ability to create meaningful interactions beyond their music. […]


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