P1Harmony, iTunes Top 3 K-POP Albums in 10 Regions Worldwide


Group P1Harmony is drawing attention from global fans upon its comeback.

P1Harmony topped the global chart a day after its comeback with its third mini-album “DISHARMONY: FIND OUT” released on the 3rd. As of the 4th, it ranked in the top three iTunes KPOP albums in a total of 10 regions, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and nine regions, including the Czech Republic, Russia, and Mexico, and also ranked in the top three iTunes POP albums (Greece, Austria) and eight regions, proving P1Harmony’s global popularity. In particular, on the U.S. iTunes K-pop music chart, all the songs in this album have entered the rankings. P1Harmony captivates global K-pop fans and is showing a clear presence as a “fourth generation global rookie” idol. Starting with a live performance at Rolling Stone in the U.S. in October, they met more than 10,000 audiences in the U.S. to reveal their high-quality performances and musical capabilities. In addition, P1Harmony’s activities have been mentioned in various overseas media such as PopWrapped and Billboard columnists, and are in the spotlight as a global rookie. P1Harmony released its third mini album “DISHARMONY : FIND OUT” on the 3rd.

The title song “Do It Like This” is an urban pop-style song featuring an addictive hook. From the new year of 2022, P1Harmony, which swept global charts and announced a green light for its comeback, will continue its 3rd mini album comeback activities actively.


Source: www.osen.co.kr


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