STAYC Successfully Wraps Up ‘Bubble’ Promotion, Showcasing Unique Teen Fresh Charm

K-pop sensation STAYC has successfully concluded their promotional activities for the title track ‘Bubble’ from their third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH.’ Known for their unique teen fresh charm, STAYC’s album ‘TEENFRESH’ radiates distinct freshness and positivity. ‘Bubble,’ the album’s title track, features a catchy synth bass sound and an addictive hook, coupled with lyrics that empower listeners to disregard others’ judgments and words as fleeting bubbles.

STAYC’s performances of ‘Bubble’ not only highlighted their distinctive teen fresh appeal but also showcased their impeccable live skills. The choreography, incorporating balloon-like movements, added a cute and easy-to-follow element to their stage presence, while the song’s lyrics were emphasized by the popping bubble sound effects, maximizing STAYC’s vivacious and lively charisma.

Beyond their performances, STAYC engaged with fans through a range of content, including music shows, variety programs, and web-based shows, further strengthening their connection with their dedicated fanbase. With their latest album, STAYC has carved a unique niche for themselves in the K-pop scene, achieving impressive sales figures, chart-topping positions, and millions of views on their ‘Bubble’ music video. Their upcoming ‘STAYC 1ST WORLD TOUR [TEENFRESH] in SEOUL’ and subsequent tour in 11 cities promise to continue their rising trajectory in the global music landscape.


Who is STAYC?

Artist NameSTAYC
Current StatusActive
Years Active2020–present
AgencyHigh Up Entertainment
Fandom NameSWITH
TypeGirl Group
Member NameSumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, J

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