Stray Kids’ ‘Thunderous’ music video topped the K-pop chart for 2 weeks in a row


Stray Kids won the first place on the weekly K-pop radar chart for 2 weeks in a row. Stray Kids’ new song ‘Thunderous’ music video recorded 18.64 million views during the 36th week of K-Pop Radar’s counting period (August 29 to September 4), boasting unquenchable popularity even in the second week of release. According to Stray Kids’ YouTube views by country analyzed by K-Pop Radar, in the past week, Stray Kids had about 65.9 million views. 
Also, on this week’s K-Pop Radar weekly chart, fromis9’s ‘Talk & Talk’ music video recorded 13.33 million views, entering second place. 
Following the existing ‘Music Video Weekly Chart’, K-Pop Radar will release the ‘Weekly Fandom Chart’ to reveal artists who have recorded large-scale fandom expansion. 
In the 36th week of the fandom chart, the global top artist BTS took first place on Twitter and Spotify follower charts, adding 250,000 and 300,000 followers, respectively. 
Next, on the Instagram chart, Blackpink member Lisa, who is about to release her solo album in September, added 430,000 followers and took the top spot. 
Currently, K-Pop Radar provides 644 Korean artist teams’ music video views, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify followers, and fan cafe members through a web service in the form of graphs and charts. Recently, it signed an official partner agreement with Twitter and released the ‘2020 #KpopTwitter World Map’, which drew attention.




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