About Us

Kbopping – a service that provides an endless plethora of KPop bops. Let’s bop together!
Kbopping will keep you updated on K-pop related news directly reported from the motherland herself, concisely summarized and translated into English for your convenience! Don’t forget to explore our games! Try to guess that Kpop song within the first 3-10 seconds – do you think you can tell it apart from other similar answer choices?

What is special about Kbopping is that all of our core functions are provided through machine learning technology. From summarizing and translating articles to making it progressively harder to guess that song, machine learning programs research and filter to your needs.
Just a reminder that our machine is just taking its first baby step and will encounter rare mistakes along the way. If you fall upon a roadblock, please do not be afraid to reach out to us and report the problem. We will learn and grow together!

We look forward to endorsing the love and support from all the KPop fandoms…Come bop with us @ www.Kbopping.com.

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