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Kpop Social Media Trends on 04-08-2022: HYOLYN’s QUEENDOM2 ‘TOUCH MY BODY’ and IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’

Hyolyn, No.67 in YouTube subscribers of Kbopping list, made a significant daily increase in twitter followers (2.30%. 760 more followers) on 04-08-2022. chart_in_post2('mctest1','400','630', ...

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IKON’s first acoustic version of ‘Why Why Why’ released

Boy group iKON (iKON) released the acoustic version of their new song "Why Why Why" for the first time, sweetening the hearts of global...

JYP Entertainment, Strategic partnership with Tencent Music in China

JYP Entertainment will sign a strategic partnership with Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) in China. According to industries on the 25th, JYP Entertainment will supply music...

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Dazzling, IVE.