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ASTRO, new song ‘ONE’ MV surpasses 1 million views in the shortest time

The music video of ASTRO's new album title song surpassed 1 million views after 5 hours of its pre-release.  ASTRO's 'ONE' music video recorded 1.14...

ASTRO holds the Comeback Special V Live their 2nd full album on the 4th

Group ASTRO will hold a special live broadcast in commemoration of their comeback. On this day, ASTRO plans to have a great time with...

ASTRO Yoon San-ha and Jinjin transformed into a colorful 3-stage

Group ASTRO members San-ha Yoon and Jinjin released new album concept photos.Through the official SNS channel of ASTRO (MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky,...

ASTRO, a colorful transformation… There are both sexy and refreshing

Group ASTRO attracted attention with its colorful transformation.ASTRO released the group concept photos and track list of ASTRO's second full album 'All Yours' sequentially...

ASTRO’s 2nd full album ‘All Yours’ is released on April 5th

On the 12th, the 'All Yours' logo motion video was released through the official SNS channel of Astro (Eun-woo Cha, MJ, Rocky, Moon Bin,...

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