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‘President’s Special Envoy’ BTS to appear at UN

At the opening ceremony of the SDG Moment, a special event of the 76th UN General Assembly, held at the UN General Assembly, BTS...

BTS’ third UN General Assembly speech… Expecting a message of hope for future generations

  BTS, who was appointed as the 'Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generation and Culture' and received a Korean diplomatic passport, will attend the 76th...

The behind the scenes of BTS’ ‘EogiYeongCha Seoul’ is released on the 16th

  The behind the scenes of the campaign video 'EogiYeongCha Seoul (with BTS)' by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization is released...

BTS and TXT, ‘Big Hit Brothers’ running long run side by side on US Billboard

  BTS and Tomorrow X Together are long-running side by side on the US Billboard chart. BTS' 'Butter' is showing unquenchable popularity on other Billboard charts....

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