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Hyuna and Dawn, duet song ‘Ping Pong’ to be released on the 9th (#OUTNOW)

Singers Hyuna and Dawn, who released their first duet EP album, will be on Naver NOW at 8 pm on Thursday, the 9th. They...

Kpop Social Media Trend on 09-06-2021: HyunA & DAWN’s duet ‘PING PONG’ MV teaser, STAYC’s ‘STEREOTYPE’ and PURPLE KISS’s ‘HIDE & SEEK’ Highlight Medley

Hyuna, No.27 in YouTube subscribers of Kbopping list, made a significant daily increase in twitter tweets (2.87%. 11 more tweets) on 09-06-2021. chart_in_post2('mctest1','400','630', ...

Partial release of HyunA & Dawn’s first duet title song ‘PING PONG’… Addictive hook

Singers HyunA and DAWN have released a part of the sound source of their first duet title song 'PING PONG'. On the afternoon of the...

Hyuna & Dawn, duet album ‘1+1=1’ released on September 9… Couple chemistry

Singers Hyuna and Dawn present a new formula of '1+1=1'. The released teaser video colorfully shows how the phrase 'HyunA + DAWN = ?'...

Hyuna♥Dawn, ‘wannabe couple’ who caught both work and love… watch as a documentary

  JTBC Studio announced on the 20th, "The documentary 'I'm fine, thank you.  And you?' will be released for the first time on the 21st,...

DAWN, A sweet time with HyunA (ft. dogs)

DAWN released a picture of his lover HyunA and their dogs. HyunA, with a small face and blond hair, is posing in various poses...

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