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‘Show Champion’ Park Ji-hoon presents a luxury stage with ‘Gallery’

On the afternoon of the 18th, Park Ji-hoon presented 'Gallery' stage on MBC M's 'Show! Champion'.Viewers couldn't take his eyes off of his mature...

Park Ji-hoon’s ‘M Countdown’ first stage → Fan showcase ‘successful comeback’

On the 12th, Jihoon Park held an online fan showcase to commemorate the release of his fourth mini-album 'My Collection' through the official Naver...

Park Ji-hoon reveals highlight medley

Park Ji-hoon posted the highlight medley video of his fourth mini-album 'My Collection' on the official SNS at 0 o'clock on the 11th (local...

Park Ji-hoon’s ‘Gallery’ point choreography revealed… Comeback on the 12th

Singer Ji-hoon Park revealed some of the performances of his new song. Park Ji-hoon posted a performance teaser video for the title song 'Gallery'...

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