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‘Debut D-3’ WJSN The Black, a new unit that comes after Chocome

Group WJSN's second unit, WJSN The Black, is about to appear in the music industry with their debut single 'My attitude' on the 12th....

WJSN The Black, the intensity never seen before

  WJSN The Black released the last concept photos. On the afternoon of the 5th, the agency Starship Entertainment posted three concept photos of WJSN...

WJSN The Black group photos released… 4 people 4 colors charisma

  Group WJSN The Black released their photos... 4 people 4 colors charisma. On the afternoon of the 3rd, the agency Starship Entertainment published the...

WJSN unit group The Black releases the track list of the debut album ‘My attitude’

  The second unit of group WJSN, The Black, released the track list. The agency Starship Entertainment posted the tracklist image of WJSN The Black's...

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