“17th Comeback” Park Jaebeom’s ‘Why’ Motion Teaser A Peak of Retro Sensibility “Collection”

Park Jaebeom, known as Jay Park, is set to make a retro-inspired comeback with his new single ‘Why.’ Teaser images and motion teasers for the single were released on the official MORE VISION social media accounts. The teasers showcase a retro concept with a mix of nostalgia and humor.

In the motion teaser, Park Jaebeom is seen confidently posing in various retro-inspired scenes, creating an intriguing mood that has generated interest in the upcoming single. The teaser hints at a couple’s separation, adding to the anticipation of the song’s release.

Jay Park has been active this year with several releases, including songs like ‘Yesterday,’ ‘Sunday Night Drive,’ and ‘Candy.’ He has also been featured in various festivals and events, solidifying his position as a festival icon. Additionally, he was chosen as a global brand ambassador for the Italian brand Gucci, expanding his influence in the fashion industry.

‘Why’ is scheduled for release on January 17th at 6:00 PM KST on major online music platforms, and fans are eagerly looking forward to Jay Park’s unique and captivating style in this new single.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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