‘2020 MMA’ BTS won six awards… ‘Trot Hero’ Young-woong Lim won three awards

Group BTS finished the ‘2020 MMA’ finale with 6 awards. On this day, BTS achieved 6 awards including TOP 10, Album of the Year, Best Male Dance Award, Song of the Year, Netizen Popularity Award, and Artist of the Year.
BTS RM, who was called as the winner of the Artist of the Year Award, said, “I am really grateful to everyone. This year, everyone has suffered so much, and I thank and love you. ”After receiving the album of the year, BTS Jimin grabbed the microphone and said, “Thank you so much. Since it was the ‘MMA’ album award that we first received the grand prize, receiving this award again means a lot to us, and I am happy for the award feeling that we are in return for the ARMY members,” he said.
After receiving the Song of the Year award for ‘Dynamite’, BTS Jungkook said, “I want to continue making music that can be comforting and strengthening for our fans in the future”.
Young-woon Lim achieved 3 awards, including TOP10, Best Trot Award, and Hot Trend Award. He said, “I am so grateful. Thanks to all of you who care for me, love me, and support me all the time, I’m going through all these moments. I am grateful to my fans ‘Hero Si-Dae’. I miss my father who must be proud of me in heaven now. Thanks to my father for giving me good talent”
IZ*One said, “Thanks to WIZONE who made us to receive a meaningful award. Thank you for always supporting us. We will repay you with a more wonderful music and performance. I hope you will be comforted with IZ*One songs in difficult times.” Baekhyun said, “I’m grateful to the fans who gave me the glorious award. I think it’s my first time getting a big award as a solo, not EXO, but I’ll be an EXO who works hard in the future.”
IU said, “This year, I sincerely thank those who have loved music more than ever.”
Oh My Girl also said, “It’s our first time in ‘MMA’, and we are grateful for such a good award. We are always grateful to those who trust us. We are also grateful to the fans. We will work hard until the end to show our growth.”
MONSTA X, who won the Best Performance Award, said, “Next year, we will come out with a lot of preparation so that we can show better performances.”
In the main performance of ‘2020 MMA’, BTS, Young-woong Lim, Young Tak, The Boyz, Monsta X, IZ*One, Oh My Girl, Code Kunst, Jannabi, Jeong-hoon Choi, Simon Dominic, and Tomorrow by Together joined and filled the stage.
(You can find the pictures and the full list of 2020 MMA award winners from the original link below.)



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