3 members from ‘Produce 48’ → Cube’s rookie… LIGHTSUM, attention focused on debut


Cube Entertainment announced the launch of the group LIGHTSUM and threw a new entry into the music industry. The girl group LIGHTSUM is scheduled to take the first step into the music industry with their debut song ‘Vanilla’, with their debut date confirmed on the 10th. Starting with Juhyeon, who received attention from seniors in the music industry by appearing in ‘Dancing High’ and ‘The Unit’, Chowon, Nayoung, and Yujeong from ‘Produce 48’ joined, and the veiled members Sangaah, Hina, Huiyeon, and there are eight members. Each time the members were released sequentially, the fans showed keen interest and enthusiasm. Therefore, we pointed out the expectations of LIGHTSUM, which is receiving a lot of attention from global K-pop fans even before their debut. LIGHTSUM is a group with great strengths in music and performance, which is composed of members of the MZ generation in the early to mid-2000s, and can show the fresh charm of a teen group. Lastly, New Face members Sangah, Hina, HuiYeon, and Jian, who had never been revealed before in Cube, showed their visuals and skills that were not inferior to the members of the audition through the previously released pre-contents. Ahead of their debut, LIGHTSUM started active communication with their fans. The ‘PR INTERVIEW’ video, which was additionally released, became the official video of LIGHTSUM by revealing stories from childhood, hobbies, and even minor episodes as members directly appeared. As of June 1st, Rightsome achieved 100,000 subscribers to the official YouTube channel, and has been building a fandom by capturing the hearts of K-pop fans at home and abroad even before their debut. Without stopping here, Cube held the first video call fan signing event with fans through LIGHTSUM’s ‘You Cube’, and started directly communicating with fans. 


Source: www.xportsnews.com


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