[35th Golden Disc Awards] Big Hit and YG nominated for all categories, SM with the most nominations

Who is the agency that produced the most nominations for the ’35th Golden Disc Awards’ and the agency that produced the nominations for the most categories?

The agencies that have nominated for all categories in this Gold Disc Awards are Big Hit Entertainment and YG Entertainment. The newcomer award, digital sound source award, and album award nominations, their artists were nominated for all three major categories. ENHYPEN, which debuted at Billip Lab, a joint venture between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM, is a strong newcomer candidate. Blackpink was nominated for the main prize in the digital sound source (‘How You Like That’) and album (‘THE ALBUM’) categories. TREASURE, the monster newcomer of YG Entertainment, is also a strong newcomer candidate.

The agency that won the most singer nominations is SM Entertainment. Their achievement was outstanding in the album title category. EXO(‘OBSESSION’), NCT(‘NCT-The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1’), NCT127(‘NCT #127 Neo Zone’), SuperM(‘Super One’), Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi (‘Monster ‘), Baekhyun (‘Delight’), Sehun & Chanyeol (‘1 billion views’), Suho (‘Self-portrait’), Super Junior-KRY (‘Our season that shined blue’), Kai (‘KAI’), Taemin (‘Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1’), 11 teams (persons) were nominated for the album title award. Red Velvet was nominated for the Digital Music Award Nomination for ‘Psycho’. So the total of 12 teams (people) were placed in two major categories.

JYP Entertainment proved its strenght in both the music source and the record sales by making candidates evenly in the music source and record category. ITZY(‘WANNABE’), TWICE(‘MORE&MORE’), Jin-Young Park(‘When We Disco(Duet with SUNMI)’) are nominated for the Digital Sound Source Award. ITZY (‘Not Shy’), TWICE (‘MORE&MORE’), Stray Kids (‘IN生’), etc. are nominated for the album awards category.

Starship Entertainment has nominated two teams in two categories. MONSTA X with ‘FATAL LOVE’ and CRAVITY with ‘HIDE OUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO-SEASON2’ were nominated for the album awards category. CRAVITY was also nominated for the newcomer awards category.

Pledis produced two teams, NU’EST (‘The Table’) and Seventeen (‘Henggarae’), as nominations for the album awards category.



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