[35th Golden Disc Awards] EXO and its members, Baekhyun, Suho, Sehun, Chanyeol, and Kai, nominated

Group EXO was nominated for the most at the ’35th Golden Disc Awards’.
On the 9th and 10th of next month, EXO was nominated for the album title with the full 6th album ‘OBSESSION’ at the ’35th Golden Disc Awards’ broadcast on JTBC, JTBC2 and JTBC4.rnEXO members Baekhyun, Sehun & Chanyeol, Suho, and KAI were nominated for the album title, and EXO was nominated for the album title with five albums in this Golden.
Seventeen was nominated for the album title with ‘Henggarae’, which recorded its highest sales, and IU with ‘Love poem’, which recorded the highest sales of solo female singers ever.
Introducing the 10 nominees for the 35th Golden Disc Awards Album Award.

Album name: DelightrnHis first solo album,’City Lights’, was the first half-million-seller title, and the second solo album released in about 10 months. This is the highest sales among solo singers from an idol group. In May, the album surpassed 3 million yuan in album sales on China’s largest music site, QQ Music, and recorded the first ‘triple platinum’ as a Korean singer album this year.

Album Name: Henggarae
Seventeen, which is showing a terrifying rise by breaking its own record of sales every year, was nominated for the main award for the album that recorded its own best album sales this time.rnWith the 7th mini album ‘Henggarae’, the initial sales exceeded 1.09 million copies and became a million seller.

Sehun & Chanyeol
Album name: 1 billion views
This album got ITunes Top Album Chart #1 in 51 regions in the world, China’s QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwar Music digital album sales chart #1, QQ Music’s Korean group album this year’s shortest time ‘Double Platinum Album’, etc.

Album name: Self-portrait
As a global group, it ranked #1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 29 regions around the world.rnrnSuper Junior-K.R.YrnAlbum Name: When We Were UsrnYou can fully enjoy the deep musical sensitivity of Super Junior-K.R.Y from this album.

Album name: Love poem
It was nominated for the Digital Music Awards as well as for the Album Awards that did not lack in all aspects such as album sales and album completion.
At the time of release, it succeeded in charting all songs including the double title song ‘Blueming’ and ‘Love poem’.rnIt is the album that recorded the highest sales volume of IU and the highest sales of all female solo singers (about 220,000 copies), and is expected to receive the first album award.

Album Name: Love Synonym #1: Right for Me
It is noteworthy that he was nominated one of the album award candidates for his first solo album after leaving Monsta X last year.

Album name: KAI
A lot of stuff was poured out with a solo album released after 8 years of his debut.

Album Name: Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1
Taemin, who is known as an idol of idols and presents performances and music that brings admiration every time as a solo singer, received good reviews for his conceptual album and was nominated for the album award candidates.

Tomorrow by Together
Album Name: Dream Chapter: ETERNITY
They received the Rookie Award in the 34th and was nominated for the main award this time.



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