[35th Golden] War of Music Queens – Blackpink, Twice, Red Velvet, Mamamoo

Global music queens loved all over the world gathered for the music nominations for the ’35th Golden Disc Awards’.

BLACKPINK, ITZY, TWICE, and RED VELVET who all won Golden Disc Newcomer awards, have been nominated for the main award this year. This year Blackpink wrote a new history as a K-pop girl group, and ITZY’s songs exceeded hundreds of millions views on Youtube since their debut. ‘Asia Queen’ Twice set a record of surpassing 10 million copies in cumulative sales of Korean and Japanese albums, and Red Velvet solidified the group’s identity by providing unrivaled performances as a group and individually. MC Mong, Kim Na-young, Yang Dail, Noeul, and Vibe, who captivated listeners with music, were also nominated for the main award for music. Davichi and Mamamoo, who represent talented girl groups, cannot be left out of the sound source power. Among these, the winner of the Music Awards will be revealed at the 35th Golden Disc Awards held on January 9th next year.

Nomination: How You Like That
A new song released after 1 year and 2 months after ‘KILL THIS LOVE’. It reached 10 million views on YouTube in 3 hours and 36 minutes. The song swept through various global charts, such as YouTube Music’s annual ‘Global Top Summer Song’ chart, Billboard’s ‘2020 Best Music Video 25′, and LA Times’ ‘2020 Best Song 50’. In particular, the improved hanbok worn at the end of the music video became a hot topic worldwide.

Nomination: WANNABE
The choreography that shakes the shoulders of the introduction is impressive. Heaped by word of mouth, the song reached 100 million views on YouTube within a month of release, and reached #127 on the Spotify global chart since their debut. It also ranked fourth on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

Nomination: MORE & MORE
The album of the same name was also nominated for the Golden Disc Awards Album Main Award, and received both fandom and public love. JYP Entertainment and Republic Records, a large US record label, jointly organized the plan, and it is the first TWICE Korean album to participate in an overseas label. Since their debut, Twice entered the Billboard 200 for the first time in their career and reached the top of the Weekly Chart in Oricon, Japan.

Red velvet
Nomination: Psycho
It is regarded as a famous song of misfortune among music fans. Member Wendy was injured in the ‘2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon’ and this song’s complete stage was only once. The agency has made a comeback with great effort to prepare various versions of this song. Wendy’s rich voice and Seulgi’s unique tone became attractive points.

Nomination: HIP
It is a song that summarizes Mamamoo’s identity. It has plenty of charms full of their confidence. The most difficult choreography among Mamamoo songs so far stands out. It was also selected as 12 female K-pop songs to listen to on the Billboard World Women’s Day.

(You can find the picture of their albums and more description of the candidates from the original link below.)



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