[35th Golden] Who is the winner of the rookie of the year… The battle of the morning stars fierce

Nominees for the 35th Golden Disc Rookie of the year Award.
While the traditional ‘Album King’ such as BTS and TWICE continued to be active, the momentum of the rookies who made their debut in 2020 was also fierce.
CRAVITY, ENHYPEN, H&D, MCND, TOO, TREASURE, Kim Ho-jung, Drippin, Shin Ye-young, Weai, and Lee Eun-sang, who made their debut with their own stories, were nominated for the Rookie Award nominated.
In the trot genre, Hojoong Kim recorded a half-million seller, and idol groups captured K-pop fans in the global market.

It is a 9-member boy group of Starship Entertainment that debuted on April 14th. This group includes Jeongmo Koo, Wonjin Ham, Minhee Kang, and Hyungjun Song who participated in Mnet’Produce X101′. The group name CRAVITY is a compound word of’Creativity’ and’Gravity’.

It is part of Billip Lab, a joint venture between Big Hit Entertainment, which BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER belong to, and CJ ENM, a conglomerate. The group that debuted this year broke the record for sales based on a single album, and topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart in Japan and the iTunes “Top Album” Chart in Japan.

It is a unit formed by Lee Han-gyeol and Nam Do-hyun, from X1’s project group’Produce X101′. Last September, they greeted the fans with the Goodbye special photobook album “Umbrella”. It is the album that marks the end of H&D, and announced its re-debut with the new 9-member boy group BAE173 produced by the agency Pocketdoll Studio.

It is a five-member boy group under TOP Media that officially debuted on February 27th. The group name stands for ‘Music Creates New Dream’, which means that we will create a new dream with music.

It is a 10-member boy group created through Mnet audition ‘TO BE WORLD KLASS’. Before their debut, they appeared at KCON and received full support from CJ ENM. The team name is an abbreviation of ‘Ten Oriented Orchestra’, and it means an orchestra that aims for 10 oriental values. It has a unique view of the world that matches the values ​​of the East and the members.

YG Entertainment’s rookie group that has been introduced four years after Blackpink. As a boy group, it has been five years since Big Bang, Winner, and iKon. It is active in the global music market under the super-high-speed and super-intensive strategy of the agency. The three singles released in succession in 100 days are recording over 700,000 album sales in total, and all three title songs ranked first on the Line Music Top 100 Chart, Japan’s largest music source site, and Rakuten Music real-time overall ranking.

Hojoong Kim
TV Chosun ‘Mr. Trot’ finished 4th place, realizing the hot popularity. Starting with a remake and announcement of Jin Simon’s ‘You and Me’, who couldn’t sing because the trot singer debut was cancelled, he spurred his full-scale activities. In particular, sales of more than 530,000 copies with the first regular album, ‘We Are Family’, showed an unusual number for the trot album.

Infinite, the third boy group of Woollim Entertainment that produced Golden Child, and a rookie released one year after Rocket Punch. The group name is a new word meaning ‘cool’, meaning ‘cool group’ that leads music, fashion, and trends.

Shin Ye-young
Shin Ye-young got attention as a farewell ballad singer through her official channel 810,000 times, Audrey channel 830,000 times, and Wonder K channel 2.4 million times, etc.

It is a 6-member boy group of OUI Entertainment. All members are from survival programs, and all members except for Kang Seok-hwa have experience in other group activities. Kim Yo-han, who won first place in the ‘Produce X101’ live broadcast contest, has an experience of debuting with X1. Yoo Yu-ha and Joon-seo Kim were active as 1THE9, the final debut group of MBC ‘Under Nineteen’.

Eun-sang Lee
He made his debut as X1, a project group for ‘Produce X101’. At the time of the broadcast, he gained popularity with the nickname ‘Cherry’ for his red hair color.

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