’43-year-old dance singer’ Sung Si-kyung “I feel like a rookie”

“A dance song at 43… People may laugh at my limits, but that’s the point.” Singer Sung Si-kyung, who released a new studio album in 10 years, made a comeback with a dance song. At an online press conference commemorating the release of the full 8th album ‘ㅅ’ (Siot) held on the 20th, Sung Si-kyung said, “I thought that many people are doing a lot of things while doing the program ‘on and off’. It is important that everyone is doing something. I thought that maybe I would be able to do it if I practiced dancing.”  
“I don’t think I can be a dancer, but I wondered if the public would think, ‘You tried something hard at that age’ or ‘You really wanted to promote the album’. I think that’s the point.”  
He also revealed why it took 10 years to release a new studio album. Seong Si-kyung said, “The reason it took a long time to release a new album was because I was lazy and lacked courage, and I cheated a lot.”  He promised that he will try to release albums more often.  
Finally, Sung Si-kyung said, “I feel like a rookie singer these days.” 
Sung Si-kyung will release his full 8th album ‘ㅅ’ at 6 pm on the 21st. A total of 14 songs are included, including the title song “I Love U.”

Source: starin.edaily.co.kr


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