70 musicians from 12 countries, including Ailee and Lisa, sing hope for overcoming Covid-19


Seventy singers (team) from 12 countries around the world have release their song of hope for overcoming Covid-19.

Sound Republica, a record label, announced on the 26th that it released its main theme song “Again the Wind” as part of its global music project “Together in Hope” to overcome the virus. The song is a hopeful pop with a message to overcome the “Wish of Trials” of Covid-19. Korean artists such as singer Ailee, musical actor “Lisa,” former Ulala Session member Park Kwang-sun, BM, rapper Kang Min-soo, and other foreign artists from the United States, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Israel and Romania participated in the singing. “The overall atmosphere, including the introduction of the song, has become the motif of Beethoven’s ninth symphony, ‘The chorus,’ which musicians sing and play in one voice, will give strength to people around the world who are having a hard time,” said Mad Soul Child, the executive producer and composer. Revenue from the release of the song will be spent on the supply of Covid-19 and patient treatment in underdeveloped countries through the global charity “In Place of War.”


Source: www.chosun.com


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