A.C.E Surprises with New Release of ‘Christmas Love’

The K-pop idol group A.C.E has expressed romantic sentiments with their first-ever carol. On the 18th, they released their new digital single ‘Christmas Love’ across various online music platforms. This release marks a notable event for the group, consisting of members Park Junhee, Lee Donghun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan, and Kang Yuchan.

Following the completion of their mandatory military service this year, with Wow, Lee Donghun, Park Junhee, and Kim Byeongkwan having finished their stints and the youngest member, Kang Yuchan, waiting for his discharge, A.C.E has been actively continuing their musical endeavors. Last month, they released new songs ‘Effortless’ and ‘Angel’ in both Korean and English versions, and successfully held their first solo concert in two years titled ‘OVERTURN.’ To cap off the year, the group has unexpectedly unveiled their first seasonal song.

‘Christmas Love’ is a romantic carol that captures the excitement of waiting for Christmas, featuring an acoustic guitar intro and an upbeat rhythm. The track showcases A.C.E’s captivating vocals, filling the song with a warm winter sentiment. Especially as this Christmas marks the first in over two years that the group will spend with their fans, A.C.E has sincerely expressed gratitude and memories that had gone unspoken until now. Notably, the chorus begins with the romantic lyric “You’re at the top of my list,” highlighting the individual growth of each member as vocalists.

Moving forward, A.C.E plans to embark on a variety of activities both domestically and internationally in 2024, following the release of their three singles: ‘Effortless,’ ‘Angel,’ and ‘Christmas Love.’ They also intend to continuously engage with fans through various individual activities such as musicals and busking.

The group’s first Christmas seasonal song, ‘Christmas Love,’ is available for listening on various online music platforms.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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