A trip to Seoul with (G)I-dle and The Boyz?… “Play Seoul” released

“Play Seoul”, a trip to Seoul with K-POP stars, presented a variety of fun.
KBS2 “Play Seoul” aired on the afternoon of the 22nd, and the charming place of Seoul was unveiled.
First, (G)I-dle members, Yuqi and Minnie, embarked on a “Hiptreat tour” to introduce the trendy alley in Seoul.
Yuqi spent a romantic time at the retro cafe and the retro accessory shop in Euljiro where the scents of the past and present are mixed.
Yuqi and Minnie introduced various enjoyments of Seoul such as the “Healing Museum” where you can enjoy Itaewon indoors and the “80’s seasoned beef rib gourmet” on Euljiro.
The Boyz dressed up in Hanbok and went on a Korean Kingdom tour to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace. Eric, who was soaked in the charm of the old palace harmonized with autumn leaves, said, “The air is nice and pretty because there are many trees. Just walking around will heal me.”
Stray Kids’ Hyunjin & Felix, who visited the Han River, a healing spot for Seoul citizens, spent a relaxing break in their busy daily lives while enjoying the water leisure attractions of bicycle riding.
Chan Bang & Seungmin spent a quiet and peaceful time together in the Seoul Forest, which is full of natural scents.
Chan Bang & Seung-min, who cited the British home-style house in Seoul Forest as an attractive place, enjoyed the British atmosphere while having pasta and beef wellington.
The Seoul tour with K-POP stars caught the eyes of the viewers and raised the expectation for the sights introduced in the next round.
“Play Soul will be broadcast on KBS 2 for 3 weeks, starting on the 22nd.
“Play Soul” starring ATEEZ, NCT and Chung Ha & BVNDIT Yiyeon will be pre-released on KBS Kpop YouTube channel and Seoul Tourism Foundation YouTube channel “Visit Seoul” on the 26th.



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