“AESPA Winter beats BLACKPINK Jennie” on personal brand reputation


AESPA Winter took the first place in the The Boyz side released the artwork for their 3rd single ‘Maverick’ of girl groups in October. 

The Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced on the 17th that as a result of big data analysis of girl group personal brand reputation in October 2021, the 1st, AESPA Winter, 2nd, Blackpink, Jennie, and 3rd, Blackpink Lisa were in order as a result of the analysis.

From September 17th to October 17th, 62,654,966 brand big data of 579 people were extracted and the brand reputation index was calculated using the participation index, media index, communication index, and community index created by analyzing consumer behavior for individual girl group brands. 

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute said, “The AESPA Winter brand, which ranked first in the girl group’s individual brand reputation in October 2021, showed high ‘Chic, intense, and appearing’ in link analysis, and ‘Youtube, Daughter of the Wilderness, ‘Savage’ was highly analyzed,” he said. Compared to the AESPA Winter Brand Reputation Index of 2,258,742 in September 2021, it increased by 72.21%. 

The top 30 girl group personal brand reputation rankings are AESPA Winter, Blackpink Jennie, Blackpink Lisa, AESPA Karina, AESPA Gisele, AESPA Ningning, Blackpink Jisoo, Red Velvet Joy, Mamamoo Hwasa, Loona Chu, Fromis Nine Song Ha-young, Twice Mina, Blackpink Rosé, ITZY Lia, ITZY Ryujin, Girls’ Generation Yoona, Oh My Girl Arin, ITZY Yeji, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, Mamamoo Solar, Cherry Bullet Jiwon, Purple Kiss Suan, Stacey Seeun, ITZY Chaeryeong, Girls’ Generation Seohyun, Oh My Girl Hyojung, ITZY Yuna, Fromis 9 Na-kyung, Oh My Girl Beanie, and Fromis 9 Lee Chae-young were analyzed in that order. 

AESPA is the only K-pop artist to be listed on the ‘Rising Stars to Know in 2021’ list selected by People magazine in the US. People magazine included all four members of AESPA (Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning) while announcing the 15 ‘Rising Stars of Hollywood, selected by People magazine for 2021’ through the official website on the 13th.


Source: sports.khan.co.kr

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