Aespa’s Winter and Giselle Display Top-notch Acting in ‘Drama’. Comeback on the 10th

Aespa, the popular K-pop girl group, has teased their upcoming mini-album “Drama” with a high-quality promotional video featuring impressive acting from members Winter and Giselle. Released on November 6th via their official YouTube channel, the video showcases the members taking on roles as protagonists in various dramatic genres. Their exceptional acting skills and distinctive visuals have garnered significant attention from fans and the K-pop community. The “Drama” video aligns with the album’s concept and title, providing a conceptual and visually appealing preview of their upcoming release.

Aespa has further engaged their fanbase by announcing a “aespa 에스파 ‘Drama’ Countdown Live” event scheduled for November 10th at 1 PM KST. This live broadcast will be available on various platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Weverse, and Idol Plus, where fans can join the group as they count down to the release of their new mini-album. “Drama” is set to be officially unveiled on November 10th at 2 PM KST, with both the music video and the physical album hitting the shelves on the same day.

Aespa has consistently captivated their fans with their unique concepts and stunning visuals, and their upcoming mini-album “Drama” is highly anticipated as another exciting addition to their discography, featuring fresh music and captivating storytelling.



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