AKMU Makes a Comeback Today with ‘LOVE EPISODE’ Featuring Heartfelt Love Songs

AKMU returns today (3rd) at 6 PM with their third mini-album ‘LOVE EPISODE.’ Known for their unique emotional touch in various love songs that evoke excitement and empathy, the duo’s new release has garnered significant attention from music fans.

Following ‘SUMMER EPISODE’ (2017) and ‘NEXT EPISODE’ (2021), the third installment in the ‘EPISODE’ series centers on the universal theme of ‘love.’ While last year’s ‘Love Lee’ showcased a cheerful charm, this album delves deeper into mature and straightforward expressions of love’s many facets.

The title track ‘Hero’ stands out, with lyrics that convey a heartfelt confession, “You are my hero,” bringing a delightful thrill. The dreamy atmosphere of the song, combined with AKMU’s warm vocals, creates an enchanting feel, and the catchy chorus leaves a lasting impression.

Other tracks in the album are easy-listening pieces that explore everyday themes with a clever perspective. ‘롱디’ (Long Distance) likens distant relationships to long-distance love, ‘케익의 평화’ (Cake’s Peace) offers a slice of sweet comfort, and ‘답답해’ (Frustrated) expresses playful frustration with an unresponsive partner. These songs are friendly yet unique, featuring diverse genre and structural variations that highlight AKMU’s distinctive musical style.

The music video for ‘Hero’ mirrors this innovative approach, with a storyline and direction that resemble a delightful storybook, promising a positive reception from fans.

Additionally, AKMU will celebrate their 10th anniversary with a solo concert titled ’10VE’ in Seoul on June 15 and 16. In August, they will perform at Japan’s largest music festival, ‘SUMMER SONIC 2024,’ further expanding their global reach.

Source: osen.co.kr


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