AKMU takes first place on ‘Music Core’, beating NewJeans

On the September 16th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core,’ AKMU claimed the top spot in the competition. The episode featured performances by various artists, including KEY, Heo Young Ji, CRAVITY, HWASA, Young K (DAY6), Kim Sejeong, Lee Chae Yeon, RIIZE, FANTASY BOYS, EL7Z UP, Jae Chan, Rocket Punch, cignature, PURPLE KISS, TAN, TIOT, and POW.

El7z Up, a project girl group formed through “Queen D Puzzle,” presented their debut stage for the title track “CHEEKY” from their first mini-album ‘7+UP.’ With individualistic styling that highlighted each member’s charm, El7z Up delivered a successful debut performance, showcasing excellent teamwork in their ending poses.

The competition for 1st place in the third week of September included NewJeans with “ETA,” AKMU with “Love Lee,” and Jeon So Mi with “Fast Forward.” Ultimately, AKMU emerged as the winner.

AKMU’s fourth single, “Love Lee,” features an acoustic sound, rhythmic drums, and expressive vocals. The song presents everyday, relatable themes with AKMU’s unique and innovative perspective, making it a refreshing and captivating track.

Source: mk.co.kr

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  • AKMU continues to engage fans through both online and offline performances. The talented duo showcased their versatility by participating in various live stages and virtual concerts, allowing fans to enjoy their music and performances in different formats. AKMU’s commitment to connecting with their audience remains evident as they explore innovative ways to share their music.


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