Apink’s Kim Namjoo to Make a Solo Comeback with the Title Track ‘BAD,’ Teaser Video Released

Apink member Kim Namjoo is set to showcase a unique storytelling with her upcoming solo single titled ‘BAD.’ On the evening of the 16th, Kim released the first teaser video for the music video of ‘BAD,’ her second solo single, on her official social media channels and YouTube. The teaser features Kim Namjoo on a call, fixing her makeup, which starts off as a casual conversation that suddenly turns chaotic as the surroundings shake, ruining her makeup. This scene, coupled with the sensual melody of ‘BAD,’ raises curiosity about the full music video’s storytelling.

The album ‘BAD’ portrays the message of not being swayed by others’ negative words or actions and showing more of one’s true self. The title track ‘BAD’ carries the same message, setting expectations for Kim Namjoo’s fresh and unique expression. Kim Namjoo has been deeply involved in the concept planning and overall production process of the album, intricately unpacking the keyword ‘BAD.’ The message behind ‘BAD,’ as interpreted by Kim, is highlighted as a key point of interest for the entire album.

Following three types of concept photos, the music video teaser also heightens anticipation for Kim Namjoo’s new activities with its kitschy visuals and quality. The complete tracks of Kim Namjoo’s second solo single album ‘BAD,’ along with the full music video for the title track ‘BAD,’ will be released on the 18th at 6 PM.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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