Artemis Releases First Full-Length Album ‘Dall’

Artemis (ARTMS) unveils their music with the release of their first full-length album, ‘Dall’ (Devine All Love & Live), set to be officially available on global music platforms from May 31 at 1 PM, according to Modhaus. As Artemis’s debut complete group album, ‘Dall’ has garnered significant attention even before its release.

‘Dall’ portrays the paradox of blessings and cruelty in love and life. The album includes the title track ‘Virtual Angel,’ along with previously released singles such as ‘Flower Rhythm,’ ‘Candy Crush,’ ‘Air,’ and ‘Birth.’ Other tracks featured are ‘url,’ ‘Sparkle,’ ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ ‘Unf/Air,’ ‘조난,’ and ‘Butterfly Effect.’

The title track ‘Virtual Angel’ questions whether the idols we consume through TV and smartphones are real or virtual. The song conveys that while the love for idols might seem unreal to outsiders, it is genuine and heartfelt for the fans. EL CAPITXN and Vendors, who produced TripleS’s ‘Generation’ and ‘Girls Never Die,’ collaborated on ‘Virtual Angel,’ blending Y2K euro dance vibes with a sacred cathedral-like atmosphere to create a unique dance track.

The music video for ‘Virtual Angel’ is also noteworthy. Directed by Digipedi, known for their work on the LOONA universe, the video artfully presents Artemis’s and their global fandom OURII’s (fandom name) special narrative.

Marking the beginning of a new journey for Artemis, ‘Dall’ will be available on global music platforms from May 31 at 1 PM. Additionally, Artemis members will begin promoting ‘Virtual Angel’ starting with their appearance on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’ on the same day.



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