As hot as MV… K-pop choreography video clips became killer contents

Video clips of K-pop idol groups’ choreography are drawing attention.
The YouTube views of the Blackpink’s “How You Like That” choreography video released by Blackpink in July last year exceeded 500 million views on the 6th of this month. Blackpink, called “YouTube Queen” with more than 55.5 million subscribers, has a number of dance videos having hundreds of millions of views, including “How You Like That” and “Kill This Love.” In particular, in the case of “How You Like That,” which exceeded 500 million views this time, the members’ powerful yet delicate performances against the backdrop of pink studios were vividly appreciated in 4K image quality, which caused a heated response.
The choreography videos of K-pop idol groups, which have recently gained popularity, are characterized by minimizing camera walking and stage effects so that people can focus solely on performances. In the past, agencies released video clips taken with mobile phones to be sent to broadcasting companies for checking routes. Recently, however, each agency has been working hard to present a high-quality choreography video, and it has been seeing the effects.
TWICE’s “Cry For Me” choreography video, which was made in 4K quality, garnered more than 13 million views.
In line with this trend, CJ ENM’s music channel Mnet launched a YouTube channel called “STUDIO CHOOM,” which specializes in K-pop dance.
The videos of ITZY, Stray Kids, and GFRIEND’s ShinB have exceeded 10 million views, and 1.73 million people are subscribed to the channel.
Mnet is also presenting videos of ‘Relay Dance’ through another YouTube channel, M2. It shows idol groups dancing in a relay while standing in a single line, not in the existing choreography formation. Last year, a total of 403 artists, including TWICE, Seventeen, NCT, MAMAMOO, Jessi, and Hwasa, participated in 130 content production, with a total of 400 million views during the year.



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