‘ASC Winner’ AleXa, will she also enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

There is a lot of interest in whether AleXa, who has been named on the Billboard Radio Chart, can even make it to the Hot 100 chart, the main single chart of Billboard. 

According to the agency ZB Label, AleXa ranked 38th on the US Billboard Pop Airplay chart on the 28t with the winning song ‘Wonderland’ of the US NBC’s large-scale contest program ‘American Song Contest’ (hereinafter referred to as ASC).   The Pop Airplay chart ranks approximately 160 major radio stations in the United States by counting the number of weekly broadcasts. 

In particular, it is called a bridgehead for entering the Hot 100 on the Billboard’s main single chart, which accounts for a large proportion of the radio frequency. 

Although she won the ‘American Song Contest’, she did not start her career in earnest in the United States. So it is evaluated that AleXa’s entry into the radio chart is unusual. 

It is also noteworthy whether AleXa can achieve Billboard Hot 100 chart-in through this. If AleXa makes it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, she will become the fourth K-pop female solo artist on the Hot 100 chart after CL (top 94), Blackpink Lisa (top 84), and Rosé (top 70). 

The agency said, “Among Korean artists, BTS, Blackpink Lisa, etc. also put their names on the radio charts and received a lot of attention from the US media. Please look forward to AleXa’s global performance, which even entered the high-barrier Billboard Pop Airplay chart as a ‘K-Pop Solo Artist’.”

Source: starin.edaily.co.kr


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