B1A4 Makes a Comeback on D-DAY, Reconnecting with Fans After 2 Years and 2 Months

B1A4 (consisting of members Shinwoo, Sandeul, and Gongchan) is set to release their self-composed new album ‘CONNECT’ on January 8th, marking the beginning of their activities in 2024. According to their agency, WM Entertainment, the album will be available on various music sites at 6 PM.

‘CONNECT’ is B1A4’s latest album release after about 2 years and 2 months, following their digital single ‘Giant Words’ released in November 2021. The album narrates the story of the long-standing journey of B1A4 members and their fans.

The new album, which is infused with feelings of gratitude and significance towards their fans, encapsulates the promise of a dreamlike reality that continues even after being apart for a while. It conveys B1A4’s unique language through music.

The album’s title track ‘REWIND’, which has already garnered a warm response from fans through a partial release, was written and composed by member Shinwoo. It’s a New Jack Swing genre song, based on rhythmic bass, synthesizers, and groovy drum rhythms, delivering a dynamic sound and deeper vocal expressions from B1A4, creating an intense addictiveness.

Including ‘REWIND’, the album features a total of five tracks, such as ‘After Time, Facing You’, ‘PAUSE’, ‘When You Call My Name’, and ‘There is No Breakup’. True to their reputation as a self-producing idol group, Shinwoo composed three songs, including the title track, and Sandeul composed two tracks. The last track, ‘There is No Breakup’, was lyrically contributed by all members, encapsulating the genuine emotions of B1A4.

Throughout the album concept, music, and music video teasers, the members have embedded messages for their fans, showcasing their unique love for them. The promotion content, revealing hidden messages like Morse code and the fandom name BANA, has led to a continuous reaction from fans eagerly waiting for their comeback after 2 years and 2 months. B1A4 has been trending on X (formerly Twitter) real-time trends, reflecting the international fans’ heightened interest in this album release.

B1A4 is scheduled to host a comeback showcase on the 8th and will begin their full-fledged promotional activities.

Source: newsen.com


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