BABYMONSTER to Release Addictive ‘LIKE THAT’ Performance Video

YG’s rookie girl group BABYMONSTER is set to unveil the exclusive performance video for their song ‘LIKE THAT’ at midnight tonight (May 31, 12 AM).

‘LIKE THAT,’ a track from their debut mini album, stands out with its minimalistic arrangement and catchy hooks. The song, known for its unique sound and the members’ expressive vocals, has gained popularity comparable to their title track ‘SHEESH.’

This performance video has been specially produced to thank their global fans for their overwhelming support. Following their fan meeting in Tokyo, titled ‘[BABYMONSTER PRESENTS : SEE YOU THERE],’ this will be the first time the full choreography for ‘LIKE THAT’ is revealed, garnering significant interest from music fans.

The choreography for ‘LIKE THAT’ was crafted by renowned choreographers Jonaine and Chaedalsom, who previously worked on ‘SHEESH,’ along with the globally acclaimed KIEL TUTIN. The stylish gestures, groovy movements, and highly addictive key dance moves are expected to draw enthusiastic responses.

BABYMONSTER’s new look is also anticipated to be a highlight. In the teaser video, the group appeared in sleek black suits, exuding restrained charisma and showcasing a chic, mature aura, marking a departure from their usual hip-hop style.

With the excitement from ‘SHEESH’ still fresh, the release of ‘LIKE THAT’ is expected to further boost BABYMONSTER’s global momentum. The track has already achieved high rankings on several international music charts, including Spotify and China’s QQ Music.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is currently conducting their debut fan meeting tour, ‘[BABYMONSTER PRESENTS : SEE YOU THERE],’ across five cities with seven shows, continuing to engage with their growing fanbase.



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