Bang Si-hyuk “Big Hit → HYBE change, there are limits in entertainment”

Big Hit Entertainment announced a new start with a new name ‘HYBE’.
Through the “New Brand Presentation” video uploaded on the Big Hit Labels YouTube channel on the 19th, it foreshadowed a major change across the company in line with the relocation of the new office building in Yongsan, Seoul.
Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, who has been leading big hits for 16 years, said, “We have been trying to change music without boundaries in more areas based on our understanding of music, artists, and entertainment. That’s why I thought that a new mission was needed to encompass and connect the various businesses today.
Beyond an “entertainment” company that creates expanded content based on music, we aim to become a “entertainment lifestyle platform” company that creates related businesses and delivers them to fans.”
In line with the new corporate identity, the organizational structure was divided into three pillars: label, solution, and platform.
The Big Hit label division, which BTS and others belong to, continues its identity with ‘Big Hit Music’.
Source Music, which includes GFRIEND in the label area, Pledis Entertainment, which includes Seventeen, and KOZ Entertainment, led by Zico, beliprep in collaboration with CJ ENM, and HYBE Labels Japan, also maintain their independence as they are now.
The solution area includes subsidiaries that create secondary and tertiary businesses specialized in performance and video content, IP, learning, and games.
Big Hit’s fan community platform Weverse plans to develop into a more powerful K-pop platform by integrating with Naver VLive.
Weverse, launched in 2019, is also the starting point for Big Hit to expand its business to the platform.
Chairman Bang Si-hyuk explained the meaning of Weverse, saying, “As K-pop grows, fans from all over the world need a space where they can gather together, communicate and enjoy fan activities across languages and borders.”



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