Big Hit-Universal to launch a global boy group through the US audition next year

Big Hit Entertainment and Universal Music Group (UMG) announced the reinforcement of strategic partnerships on the 18th.

Big Hit Entertainment and Universal Music Group (UMG) announced on the 18th that they will strengthen strategic partnerships to provide greater opportunities for artists and expand K-pop’s global influence based on innovation and technology. Big Hit Global CEO Seok-Jun Yoon said, “This collaboration, which applies the ‘success equation’ that Big Hit has established for the past 16 years with UMG to the U.S., the center of the global music market, is not only a combination of industry but also a combination of culture and it will prove a new possibility.

”When BTS joined with Columbia Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, for a local promotion in the U.S. in 2018, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER signed a distribution contract with Republic Records under UMG in 2019 to enter foreign market, they were in a position to need help. However, it has changed for them to transplant the know-how of K-pop, which has now emerged as the mainstream music of the world.

American singer-songwriter Alexander 23, who announced the joining of Weverse on the 15th. Artists from UMG also join the Big Hit fan community platform Weverse in sequence. The status of Weverse, which announced that it will work on an integrated platform such as Naver Vlive by establishing a Weverse Company in partnership with Naver last month, is increasing. UMG’s Lucian Grange chairman and CEO said, “I have witnessed Gracie Abrams and others actively communicate with fans through Weverse”.

Big Hit signed a memorandum of understanding with Kiswe Mobile in May last year, and established a joint venture KBYK in September to launch Venue Live. BTS’ online concerts ‘Bang Bang Con:The Live’ and ‘BTS Map of the Soul One’ held last year drew 756,000 and 993,000 paid audiences respectively, and presented new possibilities.

Chairman Grange said, “As virtual concerts have become a ‘new normal’, we look forward to the day when we will showcase the wonderful performances of UMG artists through Venue Live, which can provide the best technology and interactive experience.”

Big Hit Si-hyuk Bang, chairman and CEO of the board of directors, said, “Both of Big Hit and UMG share values and vision in that they pursue innovation in the music industry.”



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