Blackpink and Rosé’s solo activity… Perfect Synergy. Solidifying K-Pop’s Strongest Girl Group

Blackpink Rose, who released her debut solo album, wrote a new history once again.
“On The Ground,” which set the highest record for K-pop female solos, reached the top of the global YouTube song chart once again.
According to the latest chart released by YouTube on the 21st (March 12-March 18), the title track “On the Ground” of Rosé’s first solo single “R” has reached the top of the Global YouTube Song Top 100.
‘On the Ground’, which was unveiled on the 12th, rose to the top of the iTunes Top Song Chart in 51 countries right after its release.
In particular, the “On the Ground” music video recorded 39 million views over the 24 hours of its public release, which is the number that replaced the most views of the previous K-pop female solo artist music video.
As of the 20th, the number of views exceeded 100 million, which became the record for the shortest duration of a music video for a Korean female solo artist.
Rosé, who is writing a new history of K-pop female solo singer, proved its popularity by appearing on the American NBC’s signature program “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”
The Rose brand was analyzed as a brand reputation index of 6,433,970, with a participation index of 1,400,961, a media index of 1,312,797, a communication index of 2,332,148, and a community index of 1,388,064. Compared to the brand reputation index of 3,212,101 in February, it increased by 100.30%.
In addition, Rosé’s personal YouTube channel, which was released on the 18th, exceeded 1.7 million subscribers.
The number of subscribers to the Blackpink YouTube channel has steadily increased to exceed 59 million, which is the number one female artist in the world.
Blackpink is catching up Justin Bieber, the number one artist in YouTube, with the number of subscribers quickly.



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