Blackpink Lisa, MV 100 million views on YouTube

Blackpink Lisa’s solo album title song ‘Larisa’ has 100 million views in the shortest time. Lisa is continuing various new records, such as climbing to the top of iTunes’ Top Songs in 60 countries around the world with her first solo single ‘Larisa’ on the 10th. Blackpink’s Lisa, who took her first steps as a solo artist on the 10th, made a successful start by hitting the global charts. Their team, Blackpink, has risen to the top of YouTube in the world as a representative K-pop girl group. According to her agency YG Entertainment on the 12th, the music video for Lisa’s title song ‘LALISA’ surpassed 100 million views on YouTube in the shortest time for a K-pop solo artist. With Lisa’s solo power, Blackpink overtook pop star Justin Bieber to become the artist with the most YouTube subscribers in the world. Blackpink’s YouTube subscribers already surpassed Justin Bieber (605.1 million) on the afternoon of the 10th. According to the agency on that day, the number of subscribers to the Blackpink YouTube channel increased by nearly 1.2 million after Lisa’s solo single was released. Lisa is also a K-pop solo singer, communicating with the most Instagram subscribers (59.15 million). 
On the other hand, as the music video for ‘Larisa’ surpassed 100 million views, Blackpink’s videos with billions of views totaled 30. On this day, one of Blackpink’s debut title songs, ‘Whistle’, also surpassed 700 million views.



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