BLITZERS “US tour, it will be more realistic when our airplane takes off… We want to make our name more popular”

The group BLITZERS expressed their desire to make public know the team ahead of their first solo US tour. BLITZERS (Go_U, Juhan, Choi Jin Hwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan, Cho Woo Ju) released their first single album ‘BOBBIN’ on the 3rd and made a high-speed comeback after about 3 months.

In an interview conducted before the comeback, BLITZERS said, “We are happy to be able to meet the fans again in a short time. We always do our best to prepare for every album with the same heart.”

When asked what was the most memorable moment for BLITZERS, who debuted in May of last year and worked hard, Jin Hwa said, “There are so many things that I can’t count them.  I felt we improved the most when we first performed at the stage in front of fans.”

Juhan said, “I remember the moment we made our debut and did our first music broadcast.”

Sya said, “I remember the day we first met BLEE (official fandom name),” and Chris said, “I remember the first time we filmed a music video. That’s when I thought, ‘We are really making our debut,'” he laughed.

Then, BLITZERS expressed their wish, “We had a chance to see the fans through the fan signing event, but we didn’t have a chance to show them the stage.  We want to show our performance and sing for our fans when the situation gets better.  With a grateful heart, we felt that we have to work harder to repay the fans.”

Regarding the first solo tour in the US, Juhan said, “I don’t feel it’s real yet.” Then Chris said, “I will feel it’s real when I land,” and Woo Ju said, “For me, it will be when I get off the plane and step on the ground,” and everyone burst into laughter.

Blitzers said their only goal for now is to make their name more popular. Sya said, “I want to make our name known more so that anyone can see that ‘they are BLITZERS’.” Chris also said, “More than any other modifier, I just want people to know that we are BLITZERS.”



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