“Boys Become Knights” ZeroBaseOne Reveals First MV Teaser for New Song ‘CRUSH (Thorn)’

ZEROBASEONE, the group known for its powerful energy, has released the first music video teaser for their upcoming title track, “CRUSH (Thorn),” from their 2nd mini-album, “MELTING POINT.” The teaser opens with member Han Yu-jin lying on a desk with a cast on his right arm, featuring the phrase “Boys become knights.” Close-up shots of the members reveal their striking visuals, including school uniforms combined with armor parts and surreal scenes like cycling in the subway, creating anticipation for the full music video.

The song “CRUSH (Thorn)” contains lyrics such as “You make me so supernature,” reflecting a strong determination and adding to the teaser’s thrilling atmosphere. This title track represents ZEROBASEONE’s commitment to evolving and becoming even stronger in their journey. It tells the story of the nine members, who were once boys, now pledging to become thorns to protect ZeroZ, further emphasizing their growth and dedication to their fans.

As they prepare to release “MELTING POINT” on November 6th, the group has already garnered over 1.7 million pre-orders, signaling their potential to achieve million-seller status for the second time, following their debut album, “YOUTH IN THE SHADE.” ZEROBASEONE aims to captivate fans with their unique music style and fiery performances, making their comeback highly anticipated.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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