Brave Girls and WJSN seize the opportunity to rebound in rankings… Queendom 2

Units ‘A galaxy Embracing the Universe’ (Viviz + WJSN) and ‘Queen I am’ (Brave Girls + LOOΠΔ) appeared on Mnet’s music contest program ‘Queendom 2’ and ‘Position Unit Showdown’, took the 1st place in the unit contest for vocal and dance performances respectively, which were aired on the 12th.

‘A galaxy that embraces the universe’ took the first place in the vocal unit contest and earned 2,500 points. They could not hide their joy at the fact that for the first time, they defeated the strong winner Hyolyn and took the first place. 

Team ’33’ (Brave Girls + Hyolyn) took 2nd place, and team ‘Sun and Moon’ (Loona + Kepler) took the 3rd place, earning 1,500 and 500 points, respectively. 

The first stage of the dance unit contest, which started in earnest, started with ‘Purr’ by ‘Keviz’ (Kepler + Viviz). The last stage of the dance unit contest was ‘탐이 나’ by the ‘Queen I Me’ team, which took first place in the midterm evaluation.  They presented a sense of immersion with rich expressive power, leading to applause from people. 

The ‘Queen and I’ team earned 2,500 points in 1st place, ‘Ex-it’ in 2nd place, and Keviz in 3rd place, earning 1,500 and 500 points, respectively. 

As a result of the ‘Position Unit Showdown’, which combines the scores of the vocal and dance units, Brave Girls and WJSN each got 4,000 points, Hyolyn, Viviz, and LOONA each got 3,000 points, and Kepler got 1,000 points.



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