BTS and Blackpink… A new history of K-pop started with ‘MTV VMAs’


The US ‘2022 MTV Video Music Awards (hereinafter referred to as VMAs)’ was held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, USA on the 29th (Korean time). 

Blackpink exuded a unique presence from the red carpet. 

In addition, not only fans but also global stars posted photos and shorts taken with Blackpink on various social media. 

At this awards ceremony, Blackpink was honored with two trophies: Best Metaverse Performance and Best K-Pop Song. 

Lisa, who won the ‘Best K-Pop’ award for ‘Lalisa’, said, “Thanks to Ted oppa, YG, staff, and Blink (Blackpink fan club) for working on a solo project together.” 

Blackpink also presented a splendid performance stage with ‘Pink Venom’. 

Stars such as actor Dylan O’Brien enjoyed the awards ceremony by singing along to Blackpink’s songs or performing a cover dance. 

Blackpink is the first as a K-pop girl group who has been invited to the ‘VMAs’ stage. 

Seventeen was nominated in three categories at this awards ceremony, including ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Push Performance of the Year’ and ‘Best K-Pop’. It was successfully awarded in the ‘Push Performance of the Year’ category. 

At this year’s awards ceremony, BTS was nominated for a total of six categories: Group of the Year, Song of Summer, Best K-Pop, Best Choreography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Metaverse Performance. 

However, ‘VMAs’ gave BTS the ‘Group of the Year Award’. 

BTS won the Best Group Award in 2019, 2020, and 2021 at ‘VMAs’. The name of the Best Group Award has been changed to the ‘Group of the Year Award’ from this year, and BTS has succeeded in winning the award in this category for 4 consecutive years.




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