“BTS as a Complete Group, We Too Wish to See it Happen Soon”

Jungkook from the global supergroup BTS expressed the group’s eagerness to reunite as a full ensemble, saying, “We have no regrets about this decision; we believe it’s a great one.” The members RM, Jimin, V (Taehyung), and Jungkook shared on a Weverse live stream that they anticipate their reunion after military service to be enjoyable. These four members are set to enlist as active-duty soldiers in the army next week, with RM and V joining on the 11th, and Jimin and Jungkook on the 12th.

Jimin conveyed his mixed feelings about the enlistment, urging fans to look forward to happier times upon their return, while also playfully warning fans not to expect pictures of his newly cropped hair. V spoke about the importance of dispersing and reuniting, viewing it as an opportunity to gain new experiences and insights. He reassured fans about his decision to apply for the special forces unit of the Capital Defense Command. RM expressed anticipation for the growth and experiences they will bring back to BTS, urging fans to expect a true “Chapter 2” for the band upon their return. He also requested fans to refrain from visiting the training centers on enlistment days to avoid inconvenience to other soldiers and their families.

Earlier, Jin and J-Hope had enlisted in the army in December last year and April this year, respectively, and are currently serving as instructors. Suga has been serving as a public service worker since September. With these enlistments, BTS, Big Hit Music, and its parent company HYBE aim for the group’s full-scale activities to resume in 2025, with serious music production likely to start around June of that year. The group has prepared various content to present to their fanbase, ARMY, during their military hiatus.

Source: newsis.com


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