BTS Changed Billboard History in 62 Years

On the 1st(Korean time), when BTS reached the top of the US Billboard single chart ‘Hot 100’ for the first time with the Korean song ‘Life Goes On’, Billboard, a world-renowned popular music magazine, rallied. It is the first time in the history of ’62 on the Billboard Chart that started in 1958 that songs with Korean lyrics ranked first in the ‘Hot 100’, which shows the current ranking of the most popular songs in the United States. BTS also ranked first on the Billboard album chart ‘Billboard 200’ on the 30th with their new album ‘BE’ released on the 20th of last month. They even set a record of winning simultaneously. BTS has recently put three songs on top of the charts, including the remix version of ‘Savage Love’ featuring wth Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo, ‘Life Goes On’, and ‘Dynamite’ that ranked the 1st in ‘Hot100′ in October. Billboard said, “After the group Bee Gees’ three songs(‘How Deep Is Your Love’, ‘Staying Alive’, and ‘Night Fever’ in the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’) reached the 1st (from December 1977 to March 1978 for two months and three weeks), BTS’ three songs ranked the first in ‘Hot 100’ in the shortest period in 42 years.”

‘Hot 100’ is ranked by adding up the selected weight of US music streaming/download performance, sales volume, and number of radio broadcasts. But ‘Life Go’s On’ was different. Forbes, an American economic magazine that has been paying attention to the activities of BTS, said on the 1st, “What is truly phenomenal is that BTS’ new Korean song reached Billboard No. 1 without the help of radio broadcasts, remix album releases, and bundle sales.” It wrote, “This achievement is a sure proof that BTS has built a solid fandom. BTS has overturned the old custom western music industry rooted in racism and xenophobia. BTS proved that they are running their own league.” , Forbes reported.



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