BTS, EXO, KAI and more at ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’. Celebrity Christmas Events

In response to concerns about the spread of COVID19, the ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon’ plans to follow the health authorities’ quarantine guidelines as much as possible, and divides teams to perform pre-recording.
In preparation for the crowds of fans, it was decided to keep the venue private and to deploy a large number of security personnel equipped with quarantine equipment around the venue on the day.
TVXQ! and NCT are working hard to prepare for the online fan meeting scheduled for the 26th and Beyond Live on the 27th, respectively.
Ji-Sung Yoon from X1 will hold an online fan meeting ‘Christmas Story’ on Christmas Day on the 25th.
Junsu Kim will hold ‘Ballard & Musical Online Concert with Orchestra’ on the 26th to 27th.
EXO KAI, who enjoyed ‘pre-Christmas’ with fans by ‘Mary KAI-Mas’ event on the 20th, transforms into a Santa for children around the world. KAI will participate in the campaign ‘Will you be a child’s Santa?’ held by the UNICEF Korean Committee until the 31st. This campaign was designed to deliver relief supplies to children around the world who have to spend the winter in poverty, disease and cold for Christmas.
On the 11th, EBS creator Pengsu organized an animal music group with ‘Reindeer’ Yoon Sang, ‘Brown Bear’ Kim Tae-woo and ‘Desert Fox’ Park Jin-joo and announced the carol ‘Christmas Returns’.
Boy group THE BOYZ released a teen winter song ‘Christmassy!’ with the concept of a Christmas party on the 7th, and Jamie (Park Ji-min) released ‘5 Christmas Languages’ on the 9th.



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