BTS Jimin “I lost a lot of weight and lost 6kg, now 59kg… I want to eat it all”


Jimin (BTS) revealed that he had started to control his weight ahead of a collaboration with Big Bang’s Taeyang. 

In the MV Shoot Sketch of ‘BTS TV-VIBE (feat Jimin of BTS)’ released on the 28th, Jimin said, “It’s been a while since I lost a lot of weight.”

Jimin, who is showing off an all-time collaboration with Taeyang’s ‘VIBE’, who is making a comeback after 6 years, said, “It was the first time I worked outside of our team, and I came out with a lot of pressure. I realized that I was taking on a big challenge, and since Taeyang hyung is a cool person, I feel the pressure to do well.” 

Jimin, who has been a fan of Taeyang since he was young and said he likes and respects him, so Jimin standing next to Taeyang looks nervous and happy like Seongdeok who has achieved his dream rather than a world star. 

Jimin, who was only thinking about food to eat after filming the music video for two days after successfully losing weight by 6 kg prior to Vibe’s activities with Taeyang, said, “Right now, I am thinking about 6 foods. I really like kimchi. I saw Taeyang making kimchi,” and Taeyang naturally said, “We have delicious kimchi at our house.” Jimin said, “I’m going to visit Taeyang’s house,” looking happy.

Jimin said, “I’m so happy just being able to do it together, and I learned a lot from him.”

In response, Taeyang respected world star Jimin, saying, “I’m far from that heart that always feels lacking.” 

Lastly, Jimin said, “I think there will be a lot to talk about with ARMYs who know the relationship between me and Taeyang.” 

‘VIBE’ with Jimin Taeyang ‘charted in’ all of the top ranks of Korea’s largest music platform within an hour of its release, and topped iTunes charts in 60 countries.




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