BTS Jimin Sets New Record with 300th #1 on Korea’s Spotify Top Artist Chart

BTS’s Jimin is making history as a solo artist on the Korean Spotify Top Artist chart. On May 5th, it was announced that Jimin achieved his 300th #1 position on the daily Top Artist chart in Korea, marking the first and only time an artist has reached this milestone on this chart.

Earlier, on May 3rd, Jimin also topped the weekly Top Artist chart (covering April 26th to May 2nd) for the 45th time, further establishing him as the first and only solo artist to maintain such a consistent presence at the top of the chart for this duration.

The Spotify Top Artist chart ranks artists based on the highest streaming numbers recorded on a specific day or week. Jimin has maintained his top position not only with his hit single ‘Like Crazy’ but also with tracks from his album ‘FACE’ and various collaborations, showcasing his enduring popularity across a balanced mix of his music.

‘Like Crazy’ itself has made significant achievements, being the first K-pop solo song to reach #1 on the Spotify Global Top Songs chart. Since Spotify’s launch in Korea, it became the first and only song to achieve the 200th daily #1 on April 25th and continued to break records by securing the 30th weekly #1 on the chart announced on April 26th.

As of the latest chart update on May 6th, ‘Like Crazy’ has not only reached its 211th daily #1 but also marked its 31st week at the top of the weekly chart, continuously setting new records for the most #1s in the history of Korea’s Spotify Top Songs chart.

Additionally, Jimin was recognized as the most-streamed artist in Korea for 2023 in Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” campaign, highlighting trends from the previous year. Despite currently serving in the military, Jimin’s music and chart dominance continue to affirm his unique presence in the music industry.



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